Stevenage’s “not so” super cycle highways!

I live in Stevenage, a town famed for it’s cycle paths and infrastructure built around the vision of Eric Claxton.

The town has previously been held up as proof that the UK could build a Dutch-style cycle network that would encourage residents to cycle and walk everywhere.

Sadly, gone are the days when these cycle paths were well kept and maintained, now they are poorly surfaced and used mostly by dog walkers and joggers.

But that does not stop those whose responsibility it is for maintaining these cyclepaths, from having a sense of humour. Oh no, whether it is Stevenage Borough Council or Hertfordshire Highways, they do like to set a trap for the unsuspecting cyclist.

So, very carefully, they have placed at one of the many “junctions” on this network, just the one post with reflectives on it to make it visible in the dark. All well and good you might think. But their cunning plan was to place more posts close by, painted matt black with no reflectives on them so they can’t be seen.

Poor unsuspecting cyclist approaches the junction, moves to avoid the one post they can see and then wham, they cycle straight into one that can’t be seen, because it’s been hidden. An ingenious plan.

Posts sss

Can you see them yet? Such great maintenance for a cyclepath in the town designed around them. But then perhaps it was put in place by the same workmen as were seen fixing this roof.



Author: HawickBalls

Cyclist Fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support. Exiled Teri ..

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