Macmillan 5 to Ride in 2015

That’s it, now that all 5 of my challenge events have been completed for 2015 my gaze is already turning to 2016 and what events I can target. Right now I feel rather relieved, proud and humbled by the achievements of all the amazing people I have cycled with throughout the year.

As one of my fellow cyclists put it, each of these people has taken the time out of their normal day to day lives to try to help others, by raising awareness and in particular to raise funds for a charity that relies on the good will of us folk.

We all have busy lives and the vast majority of people give regularly to charities, whether it’s a regular monthly direct debit for a few pounds, dropping some loose change in a bucket or sponsoring someone, it all adds up.

Fundraising does initially seem like a daunting task because we tend to hold the assumption that people generally do not like to give away money, but the reality can be quite different. Having undertaken fundraising events for the last 18 months it is very important to understand why people give.

This could be due to a personal relationship between the donor and the fundraiser.

They might have a personal affinity for a charity or cause?

Knowing that a donation will directly make a difference is vital, where exactly does that money go that you donate every month? How much do these services actually cost to fund?

Giving is an intrinsically good thing to do and it makes people feel good about themselves, both for the fundraiser and the donator.

My highlights from this year would be;

  • Cresting the top of Glendoe in my first event, the Etape Loch Ness to the sight and sound of a piper just as snow started to fall.

Loch Ness

  • Entering Paris as part of a large fast moving peloton, to be met by a group of hooded youths, who spontaneously started to applaud as we approached.

670_London_to_Paris 2

  • The crowds along the route of Ride London 100
  • Being “back home” for the Tour o the Borders, cycling in the most beautiful part of the country (but then I might be a little biased)


  • The home run, completing the Tour de Broads, knowing that was my last event so time to put my feet up for a bit.

Now I am well rested, my bike has been given a good autumn service and a facelift, I can turn my attention to 2016. Paris to Nice (via Geneva) has been suggested but I think a big event like that will have to wait until 2017.

LEJOG has also been mentioned, now that would be a challenge .. who else is coming??

Thanks for all the support in 2015, it really is much appreciated!