My 5 to ride in 2015 – Completed!

That’s it, all 5 challenge events completed for 2015 following the Tour de Broads, a nice little 120km around the lovely Norfolk broads.

I’d deliberately chosen that ride as my last for the challenge as it was, compared to all of the others, very flat with just 250 m elevation gain. But being so flat and close to the coastline brings wind, of the strong headwind kind. The weather forecast for the day had predicted strong winds, getting stronger as the day went on, with gusts of 30-40 mph expected after lunch.

I arrived early for the ride and met with the Macmillan Cancer Support team, led by Helen and Shaun. The only thing they did not have was the gazebo (but that wasn’t their fault). One of my fellow L2P riders was also on board for the day, also completing his 5 challenge events for the year so a huge chapeau to Kevin Hacker for his achievement too. The event organisers had Barry Hoban and Dean Downing along as guests and any cyclist knows who these two legends of British cycling are. I wanted to get a picture taken with them both but ended up being held on the start line with me and Kevin announced to all for our fundraising throughout the year.


Dean Downing also brought along a cycling jersey, from the NFTO team from winning the National Series that year to be raffled off. That was to be done after the ride finished. I knew that I had a jersey waiting for me from Macmillan but that wasn’t it. It was far too small for me anyway. But I was presented with a great Macmillan polka dot jersey after the ride for all my efforts this year.


So the Tour de Broads completed. In only it’s 2nd year of running it was a great event, with 3 different distances and great facilities after the event with hot food, drink and music too.

I am now feeling rather relieved, proud and humbled by all of the amazing people I have cycled with throughout the year. I have raised £2,457.00 towards my target of £2,500.00, the last £80 being donated by my 11 year old son who’d saved up from his pocket money for the year to make  donation. I am just £43 short of my target, let’s hope I can make it there.

Thanks for all the support! Now I can move on to planning for 2016 …