Join a Spinning Class they said!

I’ve now taken the plunge and signed up to a Studio Cycling class, once a week to start with on a Tuesday evening, to fit in and supplement my training for my 5 to ride this year.

But what am I letting myself in for?

Yes I am going to be one of those January newbies at the gym, frowned upon by the long standing members, who will be waiting for me to quit after a couple of sessions so they can go back to their usual routine.

I might be a Spinning class newbie but I’m not a cycling newbie, just a little out of practice and I badly need to get back in the habit of turning those pedals over and over again.

So what is Spinning?

The blurb on the leisure centre website tells me that it’s a high energy, calorie burning cardiovascular Indoor cycling workout that is set to vibrant music ….

The Most Fun You’ll Have on a Bike!” claims one article that I have seen but I know that is not the case.

There’s nothing better than being out on the roads, first thing in the morning when nobody else is around apart from the local wildlife or making your way up that climb, pushing over the crest and then down the other side.

What can I expect next Tuesday? What do I wear, full on lycra and cycling shoes (without the cleats)?

I am sure that I will feel knackered after 30 seconds, can’t keep up and start hating the instructor whilst the rest of the group ratchet up the tempo without me. But after a while I hope to fall in line with the others in the class as my legs are used to some cycling, right?

I have 3 months until my first event and by then I have to be able to cycle 110km again. I know that I can do it as I have done it before, but I have to get that fitness back!

Wish me luck .. I will report back next week!


Author: HawickBalls

Cyclist Fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support. Exiled Teri ..

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