The Cycling Year Ahead – Training Starts Now!

Well apart from a dose of Man-flu it’s a Happy New Year from me. I desperately wanted to be out on my bike on New Year’s day to start the year on 2 wheels but the weather and illness made me think better of it, not that I would have been able to cycle anyway. Instead I am trying to plan my year ahead and how to prepare properly for my 5 to ride in 2015.

Back in 2014 I took on my first ever cycling challenge, the London to Paris event. Yes I had cycled before but never to that extent, so I went from being an overweight 43 year old novice to being able to cycle 500km over 4 days without it killing me, and that was without an awful lot of training in advance.

So I rode my bike, and throughout the year I clocked up well over 3,000 kms in doing so, but there was often not a lot of thought or structure put into my training.

So this year I hope to be a little more organised than in 2014 and to be able to ride a little stronger over the events that I have planned throughout the year. I also need to train better as I have been challenged to be in the top 50% of those riding this year’s Ride London 100 (thanks little nephew).

A little bit of time spent scouring the internet and I have found several different training plans that I can use, which take me from a beginner to a sportive rider in 12 weeks. Sounds simple doesn’t it, but we all have busy lives so may not be able to follow all of these plans to the letter. It is important to have some structure to training. Pick up one of the many training plans that can be obtained such as the one from British Cycling which are easy to follow. I will try to follow a training plan but what I learnt in 2014 is to not worry if a training session is missed, or moved to a different day, what’s important is being on the bike and putting in the miles as it does get easier.

One of the best things that I did in 2014 was to have a professional bike fit. Most commonly, a poor bike fit is at the root of many comfort and injury problems associated with cycling, whether it’s saddle soreness, numb hands or sore feet, there’s always a solution. Saddle soreness is a problem that some of us will face and it may just be a case of riding through it, as the body gets used to being on a bike for so long, but don’t ignore it or it might get worse. And there are lots of good creams to help!

Well I have my 5 to ride in 2015 already planned out, so now I’d best get out on my bike and start following my own advice, it isn’t long until my first event at the end of April.

Safe cycling everyone.


Author: HawickBalls

Cyclist Fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support. Exiled Teri ..

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